Python Interview Questions and Answers

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Python Interview Questions and Answers 1) Which of the following 2 are Python DebugMode variables? (select 2) a)PYTHONTHREADDEBUG b)PYTHONDUMPREFS c)PYTHONCOERCECLOCALE d)PYTHONASYNCIODEBUG Answer : a,b 2) Which is invalid for Warning variable? a) PYTHONWARNINGS=default b) PYTHONWARNINGS=debug c) PYTHONWARNINGS=module d) PYTHONWARNINGS=once Answer: b 3) Which one of the following identifier is not reserved keyword? a) with b) [...]

Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers

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SALESFORCE DEVELOPER INTERVIEW QUESTION AND ANSWERS OOTB/Configuration: 1. How you’d control permissions through each of the following: Profile – Object level control Roles – Record access through hierarchy Permission sets – Open up access to objects and records Sharing Rules – Record level access through manual and apex sharing 2. How will you prevent a [...]

AWS Interview Questions and Answers

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AWS INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. I have some private servers on premises, also I have distributed some of workload on the public cloud, What is this architecture called? The architecture name is  Hybrid Cloud. 2. What does the command do with respect to the Amazon EC2 security groups? Creates a  security group for use  your account. [...]

Hybrid Driven Frame Work

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Automation frame work is nothing but the approach to automate an application in a systematic way with proper planning. In our company we are Hybrid using (data driver and keyword driven) driven frame work in this we are maintaining the folder structure as follows: DRIVER SCRIPT CONTROL SHEET INPUT LIBRARY FUNCTION RESULT MAIN RESULT SELENIUM [...]

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers – Part1

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1. Difference between Absolute path & Relative path. Absolute path will start with root path (/) and Relative path will from current path (//) 2. Tell me some TestNG Annotations. @Test,@Parameters,@Listeners,@BeforeSuite,@AfterSuite,@BeforeTest,@AfterTest, @DataProvider,@BeforeGroups,@AfterGroups,@BeforeClass,@AfterClass, @BeforeMethod,@AfterMethod,@Factory 3. What are desiredcapabilities? Desired Capabilities help to set properties for the Web Driver. A typical use case would be to [...]

Java Interview Questions & Answers – Part3

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1)Difference between Application server and Web server. Web server Application server Web server serves HTTP content Application server serves HTTP, RMI/RPC etc. Webserver is suitable for static content. Application server supports dynamic content also. Webserver does not contain inbuilt web server component. Application server contains inbuilt web server component. IIS, Jetty, Tomcat, Apache etc... Is [...]

Java Interview Questions & Answers – Part2

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1)What is the different between inheritance and interface? Inheritance: In java classes can be derived from classes. Basically if you need to create a new class and here is already a class that has some of the code you require, then it is possible to derive your new class from the already existing code. This [...]

Java Interview Questions & Answers – Part1

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1)What are Web Services? Web services are business logic components which provide functionality via. Internet using standard protocols such as HTTP. It is created using Soap or Rest. For E.g. in Google search page we got results like feeds, advertisement , news etc., from multiple sites, it is by web services which enables various websites [...]

Angular2 Interview Questions & Answers

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1.advantage of Angular2 Angular is a platform Support the multiple devices improved page Performance Structural framework Improved modularity & Dependency Injection Support the ECMAScript 6 2.What are the Angular libraries? angular core Browser Module 3.what are the Angular Library Module component directive services values function 4.what is the services Instead of copying and pasting the [...]

Most Popular DataScience Interview Questions & Answers

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1. How R commands are written? By using # at the starting of the line of code like #division commands are written. 2. What is t-tests() in R? It is used to determine that the means of two groups are equal or not by using t.test() function. 3. What is the function used for adding [...]

R Programming Interview Questions & Answers for 2017

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1) What is the default data type in which the data get stored in R ? Numeric 2) What are the different data types in R ? Numeric, Integer, Character, Complex, and Logical 3) What is the difference between a matrix and a dataframe? A dataframe can contain heterogenous inputs and a matrix cannot. 4) [...]

Top 15 Selenium Interview Questions for Freshers

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1. What is JAVA? Java is a programming language or platform. Java is guaranteed to be Write Once, Run Anywhere. 2. Some Important features of JAVA Object Oriented Platform Independent Simple Secure Architecture-neutral Portable Robust Multithreaded Interpreted High Performance Distributed Dynamic 3. Types of Applications that Run on Java Desktop Graphical User Interface Applications Mobile [...]