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AWS Interview Questions and Answers


1. I have some private servers on premises, also I have distributed some of workload on the public cloud, What is this architecture called?

The architecture name is  Hybrid Cloud.

2. What does the command do with respect to the Amazon EC2 security groups?

Creates a  security group for use  your account.

3. You have a distributed application that periodically processes large volumes of data across multiple Amazon EC2 IWhich of the following will meet your requirements?. The application are designed to recover gracefully from Amazon EC2 instance can be failures. You are required to accomplish the task in most cost effective way.Which of the following will meet your requirements?

Mostly  used  on Spot Instances.

4. If I want the instance to run on single tenant hardware, which value do have to set the instance’s tenancy attribute to?

Attribute is Dedicated.

5. When will you incur the costs with an Elastic IP address (EIP)?

When it is allocated and associated with an stopped instance.

6. Are the Reserved Instances can available for Multi-AZ Deployments?

Available for the all instance types.

7. You need to configure an Amazon S3 bucket to the serve static assets for your public-facing of web application. Which method will ensure that all objects an uploaded to the bucket are set to the public read?

Configure to the bucket policy to set all objects to public read.

8. A customer wants to the leverage Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Glacier as a part of their backup and archive infrastructure. The customer plans to the use third-party software to support this integration. Which approach will limit the access of the third party software only to the Amazon S3 an bucket named “company-backup”?

A custom IAM user policy is  limited to the Amazon S3 API is in “company-backup”.

9. A customer is implemented AWS Storage Gateway with a gateway-cached volume at the main office. An event takes an link between the main and the branch office offline. Which methods will take enable the branch office to the access their data?

Launch an new AWS Storage Gateway is instance AMI in Amazon EC2, and the restore from a gateway snapshot.

10. When you need to moving the data over a long distances using the internet, for the instance across countries or continents to the Amazon S3 bucket, which is method or service will you use?

Used to  Amazon Transfer Acceleration.

11. If you want to the launch Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances and assign to each instance an predetermined private IP address you should?

Launch the instances an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

12. Why do make the subnets?

To efficiently utilize to networks that have a large no of hosts.

13. When do subnet is true working?

You can attach the multiple subnets to  route table.

14. In Cloud Front to take what happens when the content is NOT present an Edge location and the request is an made to it?

CloudFront is delivers to the content is directly from the origin server and the stores it in the cache of the edge location.

15. If launch an standby RDS instance, they will it be in the same Availability Zone as my primary?

No result for RDS instance zone.

16. When do I prefer to Provisioned IOPS over the Standard RDS storage?

If you have do batch-oriented is workloads.

17. If I am running on my DB Instance a Multi-AZ deployments, can I use to the stand by the DB Instance for read or write a operation along with to primary DB instance?

Primary db instance does not working.

18. Which the AWS services will you use to the collect and the process e-commerce data for the near by real-time analysis?

Good of Amazon DynamoDB.

19. A company is deploying the new two-tier an web application in AWS. The company has to limited on staff and the requires high availability, and the application requires to complex queries and table joins. Which configuration provides to the solution for company’s requirements?

An web application provide on Amazon DynamoDB solution.

20. Which the statement use to cases are suitable for Amazon DynamoDB?

The storing metadata for the Amazon S3 objects& The Running of relational joins and complex an updates.

21. Your application has to the retrieve on data from your user’s mobile take every 5 minutes and then data is stored in the DynamoDB, later every day at the particular time the data is an extracted into S3 on a per user basis and then your application is later on used to visualize the data to user. You are the asked to the optimize the architecture of the backend system can to lower cost, what would you recommend do?

Introduce Amazon Elasticache to the cache reads from the Amazon DynamoDB table and to reduce the provisioned read throughput.

22. You are running to website on EC2 instances can deployed across multiple Availability Zones with an Multi-AZ RDS MySQL Extra Large DB Instance etc. Then site performs a high number of the small reads and the write per second and the relies on the eventual consistency model. After the comprehensive tests you discover to that there is read contention on RDS MySQL. Which is the best approaches to the meet these requirements?

The Deploy Elasti Cache in-memory cache is  running in each availability zone and Then Increase the RDS MySQL Instance size and the Implement provisioned IOPS.

23. An startup is running to a pilot deployment of around 100 sensors to the measure street noise and The air quality is urban areas for the 3 months. It was noted that every month to around the 4GB of sensor data are generated. The company uses to a load balanced take auto scaled layer of the EC2 instances and a RDS database with a 500 GB standard storage. The pilot was success and now they want to the deploy take atleast 100K sensors.let which to need the supported by backend. You need to the stored data for at least 2 years to an analyze it. Which setup of  following would you be prefer?

The Replace the RDS instance with an 6 node Redshift cluster with take 96TB of storage.

24. Let to Suppose you have an application where do you have to render images and also do some of general computing. which service will be best fit your need?

Used on Application Load Balancer.

25. How will change the instance give type for the instances, which are the running in your applications tier and Then using Auto Scaling. Where will you change it from areas?

Changed to Auto Scaling launch configuration areas.

26. You have an content management system running on the Amazon EC2 instance that is the approaching 100% CPU of utilization. Which option will be reduce load on the Amazon EC2 instance?

Let Create a load balancer, and Give register the Amazon EC2 instance with it.

27. What does the Connection of draining do?

The re-routes traffic from the instances which are to be updated (or) failed an health to check.

28. When the instance is an unhealthy, it is do terminated and replaced with an new ones, which of the services does that?

The survice make a fault tolerance.

29. What are the life cycle to hooks used for the AutoScaling?

They are used to the  put an additional taken wait time to the scale in or scale out events.

30. An user has to setup an Auto Scaling group. Due to some issue the group has to failed for launch a single instance for the more than 24 hours. What will be happen to the Auto Scaling in the condition?

The auto Scaling will be suspend to the scaling process.

31. You have an the EC2 Security Group with a several running to EC2 instances. You changed to the Security of Group rules to allow the inbound traffic on a new port and protocol, and then the launched a several new instances in the same of Security Group.Such the new rules apply?

The Immediately to all the instances in security groups.

32. To create an mirror make a image of your environment in another region for the disaster recoverys, which of the following AWS is resources do not need to be recreated in second region?

May be the selected on Route 53 Record Sets.

33. An customers wants to the captures all client connections to get information from his load balancers at an interval of 5 minutes only, which cal select option  should he choose for his application?

The condition should be Enable to AWS CloudTrail for the loadbalancers.

34. Which of the services to you would not use to deploy an app?

Lambda app not used on deploy.

35. How do the Elastic Beanstalk can apply to updates?

By a duplicate ready with a updates prepare before swapping.

36. An created a key in the oregon region to encrypt of my data in North Virginia region for security purposes. I added to two users to the key and the external AWS accounts. I wanted to encrypt an the object in S3, so when I was tried, then key that I just created is not listed.What could be reason&solution?

The Key should be working in the same region.

37. As a company needs to monitor a read and write IOPS for the AWS MySQL RDS instances and then send real-time alerts to the operations of team. Which AWS services to can accomplish this?

The monitoring on Amazon CloudWatch

38. The organization that is currently using the consolidated billing has to recently acquired to another company that already has a number of the AWS accounts. How could an Administrator to ensure that all the AWS accounts, from the both existing company and then acquired company, is billed to the single account?

All Invites take acquired the company’s AWS account to join  existing the company’s of organization by using AWS Organizations.

39. The user has created an the applications, which will be hosted on the EC2. The application makes calls to the Dynamo DB to fetch on certain data. The application using the DynamoDB SDK to connect with  the EC2 instance. Which of  respect to  best practice for the security in this scenario?

The user should be attach an IAM roles with the DynamoDB access to  EC2 instance.

40. You have an application are running on EC2 Instance, which will allow users to download the files from a private S3 bucket using the pre-assigned URL. Before generating to URL the application should be verify the existence of file in S3. How do the application use the AWS credentials to access  S3 bucket securely?

An  Create a IAM role for the EC2 that allows list access to objects in  S3 buckets. Launch to instance with this role, and retrieve an role’s credentials from  EC2 Instance make metadata.

41. You use the Amazon CloudWatch as your primary monitoring system for web application. After a recent to software deployment, your users are to getting Intermittent the 500 Internal Server to the Errors, when you using web application. You want to create the CloudWatch alarm, and notify the on-call engineer let when these occur. How can you accomplish the using the AWS services?

An Create a CloudWatch get Logs to group and A define metric filters that assure capture 500 Internal Servers should  be  Errors. Set a CloudWatch alarm on the metric and By Use of  Amazon Simple to create a Notification Service to notify an the on-call engineers when prepare CloudWatch alarm is triggered.

42. You are designing a multi-platform of web application for the AWS. The application will run on the EC2 instances and Till will be accessed from PCs, tablets and smart phones.Then Supported accessing a platforms are Windows, MACOS, IOS and Android. They Separate sticky sessions and SSL certificate took setups are required for the different platform types. Which do describes the most cost effective and Like performance efficient the architecture setup?

Assign to multiple ELBs  an EC2 instance or group of EC2 take instances running to common component  of the web application, one ELB change  for each platform type.Take Session will be stickiness and SSL termination are done for the ELBs.

43. You are migrating to legacy client-server application for AWS. The application responds to a specific DNS visible domain (e.g. and server 2-tier architecture, with multiple application for the servers and the database server. Remote clients use to TCP to connect to the application of servers. The application servers need to know the IP address of clients in order to  the function of properly and are currently taking of that information from  TCP socket. A Multi-AZ RDS MySQL instance to will be used for database. During the migration you  change the application code but you have file a change request. How do would you implement the architecture on the AWS in order to maximize scalability and high availability?

File a change request to get implement of Proxy Protocol support in the application. Use of ELB with TCP Listener and A Proxy Protocol enabled to distribute the  load on two application servers in the different AZs.

44. Your application currently is leverages AWS Auto Scaling to the grow and shrink as a load Increases/decreases and has been performing as well. Your marketing a team expects and steady ramp up in traffic to follow an upcoming campaign that will result in 20x growth in the traffic over 4 weeks. Your forecast for approximate number of the Amazon EC2 instances necessary to meet  peak demand is 175. What should be you do  avoid potential service disruptions during the ramp up traffic?

Check the service limits in the Trusted Advisors and adjust as necessary, so that forecasted count remains within  the limits.

45. You have a web application running on the six Amazon EC2 instances, consuming about 45% of resources on the each instance. You are using the auto-scaling to make sure that a six instances are running at all times. The number of requests this application processes to consistent and does not experience to spikes. Then application are critical to your business and you want to high availability for at all times. You want to the load be distributed evenly has between all instances. You also want to between use same Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for all instances. Which are  architectural choices should you make?

Deploy  to 3 EC2 instances in one  of availability zone and 3 in another availability of zones and to use of Amazon Elastic is Load Balancer.

46. You are the designing an application that a contains protected health information. Security and Then compliance requirements for your application mandate that all protected to health information in application use to encryption at rest and in the transit module. The application to uses an three-tier architecture. where should data flows through the load balancers and is stored on the Amazon EBS volumes for the processing, and the results are stored in the Amazon S3 using a AWS SDK. Which of the options satisfy the security requirements?

Use TCP load balancing on load balancer system, SSL termination on Amazon to create EC2 instances, OS-level disk  take encryption on Amazon EBS volumes, and The amazon S3 with server-side to encryption and Use the SSL termination on load balancers, an SSL listener on the Amazon to create EC2 instances, Amazon EBS encryption on the EBS volumes containing the PHI, and Amazon S3 with a server-side of encryption.

47. An startup deploys its create photo-sharing site in a VPC. An elastic load balancer distributes to web traffic across two the subnets. Then the load balancer session to stickiness is configured to use of AWS-generated session cookie, with a session TTL of the 5 minutes. The web server to change Auto Scaling group is configured as like min-size=4, max-size=4. The startup is the preparing for a public launchs, by running the load-testing software installed on the single Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance to running in us-west-2a. After 60 minutes of load-testing, the web server logs of show the following:WEBSERVER LOGS | # of HTTP requests to from load-tester system | # of HTTP requests  to from private on beta users || webserver #1 (subnet an us-west-2a): | 19,210 | 434 | webserver #2 (subnet an us-west-2a): | 21,790 | 490 || webserver #3 (subnet an us-west-2b): | 0 | 410 || webserver #4 (subnet an us-west-2b): | 0 | 428 |Which as recommendations can be help of  ensure that load-testing HTTP requests are will evenly distributed across to four web servers?

Result of cloud is re-configure the load-testing software to the re-resolve DNS for each web request.

48. To serve the Web traffic for a popular product to your chief financial officer and IT director have purchased 10 m1.large heavy utilization of Reserved Instances (RIs) evenly put spread across two availability zones: Route 53 are used to deliver the traffic to on Elastic Load Balancer (ELB). After the several months, the product grows to even more popular and you need to additional capacity As a result, your company that purchases two c3.2xlarge medium utilization RIs You take register the two c3.2xlarge instances on with your ELB and quickly find that the ml of large instances at 100% of capacity and the c3.2xlarge instances have significant to capacity that’s can unused Which option is the most of cost effective and uses EC2 capacity most of effectively?

To use a separate ELB for the each instance type and the distribute load to ELBs with a Route 53 weighted round of  robin.

49. An AWS customer are deploying an web application that is the composed of a front-end running on the Amazon EC2 and confidential data that are stored on the Amazon S3. The customer security policy is that all accessing operations to this sensitive data must authenticated and authorized by centralized access to management system that is operated by separate security team. In addition, the web application team that be owns and administers the EC2 web front-end instances are prohibited from having the any ability to access data that circumvents this centralized access to management system. Which are configurations will support these requirements?

The configure to the web application get authenticate end-users against the centralized access on the  management system. Have a web application provision trusted to users STS tokens an entitling the download of the approved data directly from a Amazon S3.

50. A Enterprise customer is starting on their migration to the cloud, their main reason for the migrating is agility and they want to the make their internal Microsoft active directory available to the any applications running on AWS, this is so internal users for only have to remember one set of the credentials and as a central point of user take control for the leavers and joiners. How could they make their active the directory secures and the highly available with minimal on-premises on infrastructure changes in the most cost and the time efficient way?

By Using a VPC, they could be create an the extension to their data center and to  make use of resilient hardware IPSEC on tunnels, they could then have two domain consider to controller instances that are joined to the existing domain and reside within the different subnets in the different availability zones.

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