Python Interview Questions and Answers

Python Interview Questions and Answers 1) Which of the following 2 are Python DebugMode variables? (select 2) a)PYTHONTHREADDEBUG b)PYTHONDUMPREFS c)PYTHONCOERCECLOCALE d)PYTHONASYNCIODEBUG Answer : a,b 2) Which is invalid for Warning variable? a) PYTHONWARNINGS=default b) PYTHONWARNINGS=debug c) PYTHONWARNINGS=module d) PYTHONWARNINGS=once Answer: b 3) Which one of the following identifier is not reserved keyword? a) with b) [...]

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Java Interview Questions & Answers – Part3

1)Difference between Application server and Web server. Web server Application server Web server serves HTTP content Application server serves HTTP, RMI/RPC etc. Webserver is suitable for static content. Application server supports dynamic content also. Webserver does not contain inbuilt web server component. Application server contains inbuilt web server component. IIS, Jetty, Tomcat, Apache etc... Is [...]

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