Angular2 Interview Questions & Answers

Angular2 Interview Questions & Answers

1.advantage of Angular2

  • Angular is a platform
  • Support the multiple devices
  • improved page Performance
  • Structural framework
  • Improved modularity & Dependency Injection
  • Support the ECMAScript 6

2.What are the Angular libraries?

  • angular core
  • Browser Module

3.what are the Angular Library Module

  • component
  • directive
  • services
  • values
  • function

4.what is the services

Instead of copying and pasting the same code over and over, you’ll create a single reusable data service and inject it into the components that need it. Using a separate service keeps components lean and focused on supporting the view, and makes it easy to unit-test components with a mock service.

5.What is the angular route?

Routes is an object to describe the routes of the application.

6.What are the main routing Component?

  • Routes is the configuration to describe application’s different routes
  • RouterOutlet is a “placeholder” component that holds the view for each route
  • RouterLink is a directive to link to routes

7.what are the router Directives?

  • router-outlet
  • router-link
  • routerLinkActive

8.What are the angular2 framework building blocks?

  • Metadata
  • Module
  • Component
  • Template
  • Data Binding
  • Event Binding
  • Directive
  • Service
  • Dependency Injection

9.What is the depandency Injection?

Dependency injection is an important application design pattern.

10 .How to communicate the server in angular2?

HTTP is the primary protocol for browser/server communication.using Observable method.

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