Blossom more with Automation Software Testing!

Blossom more with Automation Software Testing!

“We don’t get paid for hard work, rather we get paid for Smart Thinking!” – True words by Thach Nguyen.
Now-a-days companies are following this very seriously to get out the most productive results out of the available resources. To simplify the testing process, automation testing has come into picture in recent years. Within this short span, it has managed to rule the industry because of the numerous advantages it is offering. Automation testing simplifies the testing efforts using a minimum set of scripts. There are few automation testing tools which come handy in testing process. Using these tools, testing can be performed any number of times and at any time without the hassle of resource availability and consumption of time.

If you are in testing field or planning to move into the same, then getting a Software Testing Training in automation from a good instructor will surely prove fruitful for your career growth. IT companies are also demanding automation testing more than the manual one. This not only saves their time and money, but also efforts can be saved too. Along with this, it is a reliable process of testing as manual testing cannot always give full assurance of accuracy.

Automation testing – Boon to testing field!

    • 24*7 availability – No need to wait for man power to come and do the testing. With automation tools, testing can be done from anywhere and anytime, even without the presence of human to start the tool. Some automated jobs can be set in such cases.
    • Reusability – With every new test and new bug discovery, the directory that is capturing the testing details, gets updated. These can further be used for other similar cases, thus saves more efforts and time.
    • Rapid – With automation tools, tests can be run quickly when compared to manual testing.
    • Accuracy rate – Even testing experts can also make some mistakes once in a while. But with Automation testing, the accuracy rate is 100%.
    • Good ROI – This one is counted as the most important benefit of automation testing from the company’s point of view. Investing in automation testing tools will surely cost more, but that will be a one-time investment only. After that, ROI (Return On Investment) graph will keep on increasing only.

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