Why you should choose Selenium over other automation tools?

Why you should choose Selenium over other automation tools?

As the software industry leans towards automation testing to cut costs, the demand for automated testing tools and experts in it has increased considerably. With no licensing costs, open source softwares like Selenium offer flexibility and features that rival even commercial ones. So it comes as no surprise that Selenium Training is gaining momentum. Let us look at it in detail.

Why go for Selenium?

Apart from being a free tool, Selenium provides organizations with the option of customizing the UI to suit their needs making it the preferred choice for testing Web-based applications for GUI and functionalities.

It can perform real time events like clicking, entering text etc. So it is mostly used to drive a specific set of commands and check its status- like logging in, adding to cart, form validation etc. and report the status as pass or fail. You can run the scripts multiple times to uncover new bugs that may elude manual testing.

Automation tools come in handy when repetitive and very long tasks have to be performed which cost a lot of money. Some human errors due to lack of concentration can be avoided as scripts don’t make mistakes. If you need thousands of user data and gigabits of inputs, then Selenium is the automation tool you need.

Selenium supports almost all browsers and can be operated from all platforms.It also supports languages like Java, C#, Python, Ruby, Perl and PHP. This is the reason for it being the most widely used automation testing framework.

Selenium consists of three main tools each of them having a specific role in development of test automation. Selenium IDE, Selenium RC and Selenium Grid are the most prominent versions of it.Selenium IDE only works with Mozilla Firefox whereas Selenium RC and Selenium Grid support all browsers. Selenium IDE and Selenium RC cannot be used to test iPhone/Android applications but whereas Selenium Grid can be used. Grid also supports multiple instances.

These are some of the reasons why Selenium is the most sought after automation tool by software industries and the very reason why Selenium training has a huge scope. Besant Technologies is a well recognized training institute that offers Selenium training. We have a well drafted syllabus that covers all the main tools discussed above in addition to core java, webDriver, TestNG and AutoIT.

Latest updates in Selenium

Selenium 2.0, more popularly known as Selenium web driver API is what made Selenium the automation testing framework of choice. Selenium 2.0 has two core components – Selenium Core and webDriver APIs working together. WebDriver made it possible to write automation scripts for any browser by simply using the appropriate driver developed for that browser.

Though Selenium 2.0 is expected to go on for some more time, Selenium 3.0 is on its way. A beta release is now available.

The major change in ver 3.0 is the Core has been removed.

But afraid not. At Besant Technologies, our expert trainers keep themselves updated so that you don’t lag behind. We provide training in all the concepts of version 2.0 and also help you work with version 3.0. We keep you in par with industry standards and demands

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