Data Science Tutorial

Data Science Tutorial

what is data science

Data science is the process of deriving knowledge and insights from a huge and diversified set of data, organizing, processing and analyzing data. Many different disciplines are included, such as mathematical and statistical modeling, extracting data from their origin and applying data visualization techniques. Generally, it also involves the management of large data technologies to gather structured and unstructured data.

Why Data Science?

Here are significant advantages to the use of data science technology:

  •  Data is the oil for today’s world. With the right tools, technologies, and algorithms, we can use the data and turn them into a differentiated commercial advantage.
  • Data Science can help you detect fraud through advanced machine learning algorithms
  • Help avoid significant monetary losses
  •  Build intelligence skills in machines
  •  You can perform sentiment analysis to assess customer brand loyalty
  • Allows make better and faster decisions
  •  Help you recommend the right product for the right customer to improve your business

Machine Learning in Data Science

It is a process or set of rules or set to complete a task. It is one of the main concepts or building blocks of computer science: the basis of elegant and efficient code design, data processing and preparation and software engineering. In the science of data there are mainly three algorithms used:

  • data preparation, munging and the process Algorithms
  • Optimization algorithms for estimating parameters that include stochastic gradient descending, least squares, Newton’s method
  • Machine learning algorithms

Who is a Data Scientist?

As you can see in the image, a data scientist is the teacher of all professions! He must be proficient in mathematics, he must be acting in the business field and he must have great computer science skills as well. Fear? Do not be. Although you need to be good in all these fields, but even if you are not, you will not be alone!.If we talk about working in a corporate environment, the work is distributed among the teams, where each team has its own experience. But the thing is, you must be competent in at least one of those fields. Also, although these skills are new to you, relax! It may take time, but these skills can be developed, and I believe in me it would be worth the time you are investing.

Why is Data Science so widely used?

In this Data Science tutorial, we also learn about the importance of Data Science in today’s digital world. Due to the incessant amount of data we are creating, there is an urgent need to extract valuable insights from this data. The data is the oil of our generation. With the right tools, technologies and algorithms, we can understand the data and turn it into a differentiated commercial advantage.

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Type of Data Science jobs

In this data science tutorial, you will not only learn the science of data, but you will also discover the various functions in the domain of data science, listed below:

 Data Analyst

A data analyst is entrusted with the responsibility of extracting large amounts of data, looking for patterns, relationships, trends and, therefore, creating attractive views and reports to analyze the data and make business decisions.

 Data Engineer

The data engineer is responsible for working with large amounts of data. It should be available to clean up data cleansing, data extraction and data preparation for data businesses to work with large amounts of data.

 Machine Learning Expert

The expert in machine learning is the one who is working with the various machine learning algorithms, such as regression, grouping, classification, decision tree, random forest and so on.

 Data Scientist

A data scientist is one who works with large amounts of data to get attractive business ideas through the implementation of various tools, techniques, methodologies, algorithms and so on.

Data Science Applications

Explore Data Science, the most popular field in the world today. It is a career field that comes from several disciplines. The data is the need of the industries and, therefore, Data Science has a large number of applications. In this article, we will discuss some of the important applications of data science and see how it is shaping the industries of the world today.

  • Fraud and Risk Detection
  • Health Care
  • Internet Search
  • Directed Advertising
  • Site Recommendations
  • Advanced Image Recognition
  • Speech Recognition
  • Air Route Planning
  • Games
  • Augmented Reality

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