Most Popular DataScience Interview Questions & Answers

DataScience Interview Questions & Answers

1. How R commands are written?

By using # at the starting of the line of code like #division commands are written.

2. What is t-tests() in R?

It is used to determine that the means of two groups are equal or not by using t.test() function.

3. What is the function used for adding datasets in R?

For adding two datasets rbind() function is used but the column of two datasets must be same.

4. What is the memory limit of R?

In 32 bit system memory limit is 3Gb but most versions limited to 2Gb and in 64 bit system memory limit is 8Tb.

5. How many data structures R has?

There are 5 data structure in R i.e. vector, matrix, array which are of homogenous type and other two are list and data frame which are heterogeneous.

6. How many sorting algorithms are available?

There are 5 types of sorting algorithms are used which are:-

  • Bubble Sort
  • Selection Sort
  • Merge Sort
  • Quick Sort
  • Bucket Sort

7. What is the power analysis?

It is used for experimental design .It is used to determine the effect of given sample size.

8. What is the use of diagnostic plots?

It is used to check the normality, heteroscedasticity and influential observations.

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