Selenium Career Opportunities

Selenium Career Opportunities

Selenium Career Opportunities

The software industry is experiencing massive growth. The high salaries and many other incentives offered by the industry are attracting many young people to start working in that field. With a significant increase in people choosing Selenium, the field has become competitive and there is a reduction in incentives for Selenium professionals. With the increase in the number of applications and a constant update of existing applications, the software test is a field in which the demand for professionals will always be high.

Selenium, being the most widely used test automation tool for testing web-based applications, will be a constant demand for selenium professionals. In response to that demand, many training providers developed the Selenium course. Attractive packages and good opportunities for Selenium professionals are attracting many people to opt for that domain. According to industry analysts, the need for selenium experts will increase dramatically in the future.

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The popularity of Selenium WebDriver

The most popular test tool for working with Selenium – Selenium WebDriver – provides a friendly API that is easy to explore and understand and helps make tests easier to read and maintain. Selenium WebDriver is a very sought-after ability in the testing ecosystem, with great strength in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Australia, where jobs skyrocketed and, consequently, payment packages are more than attractive.

Selenium Job Roles 

Some of the popular software testing titles that Selenium WebDriver experts can look for include:

  • Quality Engineer
  • Automation Test Lead
  • QA Engineer
  • Selenium Automation Analyst
  • Senior Test Engineer, among others.

Selenium Salary Trends

According to, the average salary for a competitive Selenium WebDriver job function in the United States is $ 94,000. An interesting tendency to note is that the first semester of 2014 saw a huge increase in employment opportunities in the Selenium and, as experts expected it to be a temporary phenomenon, the graph stabilized and, even today, two years later, the opportunities continue to grow.

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 A career in Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium is suitable for functional tests from the beginning of development. It is still not viable for several other corporate products that mainly allow the regression test. Selenium makes it convenient for customers to receive ROI much faster, reducing several cycles involved in testing. It is crucial to remember that, as an automation test engineer, you must have sufficient domain knowledge about the specific application you are automating.

Engineers are no longer used for automation by visual observation of the stages of the test. Selenium is firing with the huge demand among automation tools, as companies are increasingly using web applications. It is a known fact that many vendor tool providers support Selenium technology and use it to automate the testing of web applications.

The integration with Selenium helps customers with the web application test obtained by extracting the APIs. The areas that see a bright future are the tests of change to the left, continuous integrations, DevOps and Containerization. Test automation engineers and AQ companies can find very interesting opportunities in the fields of mobile testing, Big Data and API testing.

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Selenium Testing: what makes it popular?

The selenium test provides a structure that is used to test web applications, allowing teams to test the software and evaluate if it is suitable for production and ready for the market. The powerful tool can be used effectively by developers and testers. It is used to test web applications and can be used for the authorship tests without deep knowledge of the scripting language.

With the Selenium, tests are run mainly to ensure that the quality of the application is intact. Global companies are changing more and more for the adoption of Selenium, thanks to some attractive benefits offered by the tool – Cost benefit, compatibility, Much more. However, for companies, the migration to selenium involves time, effort, costs and challenges. It is essential to take advantage of the resources, tools and appropriate best practices to guarantee a perfect migration.

Therefore, it is imperative to migrate the test resources of commercial test tools for the Selenium from the beginning. This can be done by grouping the best practices in the sector and accelerating the migration process. The migration of selenium is estimated at 15 times faster and reduces the efforts, which makes the Cost-benefit compared to the manual effort. However, for companies, it is imperative to understand both sides of the debate and then attend.

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