Tableau Interview Questions & Answers

Tableauu Interview Questions and Answers

Tableau interview Questions

1. What are the .twb and .twbx

They are the file formats of tableau workbooks where

  • .twb-Tableau Workbook
  • .twbx-Tableau workbook extract

If we saving a workbook as .twb and share the workbook the user should have access to the data in order to open the workbook because that workbook does not contain data

If we saving a workbook as .twbx and share the workbook it is not necessary for the user should have access to the data because in this workbook the data would be extracted will be in the form of view

2. What is custom geocoding?

This is the feature of map, it is used to create a custom map.For ex: if we want show custom location in our map tableau can’t recognize its latitude and longitude details in order to make the tableau understand the latitude and longitude of those locations we are going for custom geocoding

3. What is My Tableau Repository?

My Tableau Repository will be found under the “Documents”
It contains number of folders
It will be automatically created while we install Tableau in our system
Those folders contains logs ,where the every hit of Tableau will be recorded in the form of logs in the notepad files also it contains some of the information like map sources, Bookmarks, etc..,

4. What are the products of Tableau?

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau public
  • Tableau online
  • Tableau Reader

5. What is bookmark?

If we want to create a bookmark of particular sheet or dashboard, by selecting the sheet we can select bookmark option form the top menu section

By selecting bookmark option it will navigate us to select path we need to save it under bookmark folder under My Tableau Repository

By saving somewhere in the system will not show the sheet in bookmark section in Tableau Desktop

6. What is live and extract?

Live connection will connect live to the data sources where extract will create the data extract Live will be easy while the data getting refreshed where else in Extract we need to give manual refresh if the data getting refreshed.

7. What is scheduling ?

Scheduling will be affiliated to extract, creating scheduling will be helpful for the tableau to do refresh automatically for the data periodically in order to updated the refreshed data

8. What is increment refresh and full refresh?

Incremental refresh and Full refresh are the classification of scheduling. Incremental refresh will refresh only the incremental records of data during refresh in scheduling Where else the full refresh will refresh the full data during refresh in scheduling

9. What is story?

In order to have created sheet and dashboard in the single view the story will be help us
By having the sheet and dashboard the developer can built their own story for the client in order to tells their insight

10. Whether the Tableau supports to connect data from cloud?

Yes, Tableau supports to connect data from cloud, Unlike other tools Tableau has more than 40 inbuilt data drivers to connect with data from cloud like Amazon Redshift and it can connect with data from big data platform like Hive,Cloudera.

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