What is AngularJS?

What is AngularJS?

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an auxiliary system for dynamic internet applications. It enables you to utilize HTML as a layout language and stretches out the HTML sentence structure to express the application segments unmistakably and briefly. Your information connection and reliance infusion dispense with a great part of the code you have to compose today. What’s more, everything occurs in the program, which makes it a perfect join forces with any server innovation

Features of AngularJS

  • AngularJS is an efficient framework that can create advanced Internet applications (RIA).
  • AngularJS offers developers choices to write down client-side applications victimization JavaScript during a clean approach since model read controller (MVC) applications written in AngularJS are supported With multiple browsers.
  • AngularJS automatically handles the appropriate JavaScript code for each browser AngularJS is open source, completely free and used by thousands of developers worldwide.

AngularJS Architecture

Angular.js follows the MVC architecture

  • User events activate functions to keep in their controller. User events are a part of the controller
  • Views are wont to represent the presentation layer that’s provided to finish users
  • Templates are used to represent their data. The data in your model can be as simple as simply having primitive statements. For example, if you maintain a student application, your data model may have only one student ID and one student name. Or it can be complex because it has a structured data model. If you maintain a request for car ownership, you may have structures to define the vehicle itself in terms of engine capacity, seating capacity, etc.

Benefits of AngularJS?

  • Dependency injection Dependence injection also handles angular JS
  • Bidirectional data connection The bi-directional data link always keeps the model and view updated
  • If there is any change in the model, it will update the view. Similarly, when the screen has any changes, update the model respectfully. Testing This is where JS Angular has the advantage. With the help of Angular JS, unit and end-to-end tests have become easier
  • Model-View-Controller (MVC) Angular JS works well with MVC applications. With the help of Angular JS, you can develop advanced web applications.
  • The management of the components and their connection is done by Angular itself Directives There are many directives available in Angular JS, such as the behavior of DOM elements and their flexibility. There are also many filters in Angular JS. So, let’s see one by one in detail.

AngularJS – Cons

  • Libraries must be specific to AngularJS. The framework does not work very well with tools or libraries that are not specific to AngularJS
  • An application written in AngularJS is not secure because it is a JavaScript-based framework. Authentication and authorization must be performed on the server-side to keep the application secure.
  • The framework works in a complicated way. Only an experienced person can understand and work on it.
  • If the user somehow disables JavaScript in the application, they will see the original page and nothing else.
  • AngularJS implementations are scarce. This means that as the project grows, the developer can delete the existing code and create new versions using different approaches.

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