What is Apache Cordova?

What is Apache Cordova

What is Apache Cordova?

Apache Cordova is an open-source portable improvement structure. It enables you to utilize standard web advances, for example, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for cross-stage improvement, while evading the local advancement language of every versatile stage. Applications keep running in compartments focused at every stage and depend on API interfaces that satisfy the guidelines to get to the sensors, information and system status of every gadget. Use Cordova if:

  • you are a mobile developer and you want to extend an application through more than one platform, without having to redeploy it with the language and toolset of each platform
  • a web developer who wants to implement a web application included for distribution to multiple portals of the application store
  • a mobile developer interested in mixing native application components with a WebView (browser window) that can access APIs at the device level or if you want to develop a complement interface between components Native and WebView.

The History of Cordova

Developers are usually confused with the distinction between Apache Cordova and PhoneGap. To clear up this confusion, we’d like to grasp the origins of this project. In late 2008, many engineers from Nitobi, a Canadian net development company, attended AN iPhone development camp at Adobe offices in the city. They explored the thought of exploitation native WebView as a shell to run their net applications in exceedingly native surroundings.

The experiment worked. In the coming months, they expanded their efforts and were able to take advantage of this solution to create a structure. They called the PhoneGap project because it allowed web developers the ability to close the gap between their web applications and the device’s native features. The project continued to mature and more add-ons were created, which allowed access to more features on the phone.

Other contributors joined the trouble, increasing the quantity of compatible mobile platforms. In 2011, Adobe bought Nitobi, and so the PhoneGap framework was given to the Apache Foundation. The project was eventually renamed Cordova (which is truly the name of the road of the Nitobi workplace in Vancouver, Canada).

Apache Testing Tools Cordova


Instabug is the main error reporting tool for mobile applications. It provides the most useful metadata in the industry and exceptional user support. It is also known for its “Shake to send” function, an intuitive user gesture that automatically enables error reporting in applications where Instabug is installed. In each error report, Instabug automatically captures a screenshot that users can annotate, draw, blur and enlarge parts of it. Users can also attach more screenshots, voice memos and screen recordings of the application to provide more context to the report. In addition, Instabug automatically sends detailed user data to developers, including the steps necessary to reproduce each error, network request, and console records.

Apache Cordova Plug-in Test Framework

Apache Cordova Plug-in Test Framework defines the interface for Cordova add-ons to write tests and provides test equipment to perform these tests. The tests run directly on existing Cordova projects, so you can quickly switch between tests and development. You can also be sure that your test suite is testing the exact versions of the add-ons and platforms used by your application.

Apache Cordova Advantages

Let us now analyze the advantages of Cordova.

  • Cordova offers a platform to create hybrid mobile applications so that we can develop an application that will be used on different mobile platforms: IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon FireOS, Blackberry, Firefox OS. , Ubuntu and Tizen
  • It is faster to develop hybrid applications than native applications, so Cordova saves development time
  • Because we use JavaScript when working with Cordova, we don’t have to learn platform-specific programming languages. Community add-ons that can be used with Cordova, have several libraries and frameworks, optimized to work with it.


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