What is AWS API Gateway?

What is AWS API Gateway?

AWS API Gateway

The AWS API Gateway is a relatively new service provided by Amazon to allow users to “create,” “publish,” “monitor,” “maintain,” and “protect” their APIs. Acts as a “gateway” for end users accessing their applications/business logic. If you have an existing public API or are planning to make your public application, you may want to implement it in the AWS API Gateway for performance, scalability, low maintenance availability, and cost.

The AWS API Gateway brings the implementation of the API in front of the center, allowing you to define and implement APIs connected to the back-end infrastructure (AWS):

  •  API Point – an API hostname. The endpoint of the API can be optimized by the edge or regional, depending on where most of your API traffic is originating.
  • The back-end endpoint – a back-end endpoint is also called an integration endpoint and can be a Lambda function, an HTTP Web page or an AWS service action or a simulated interface.
  •  Swagger / OpenAPI – Use of Swagger to import and export configurations and definitions of the API.

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AWS API Gateway Benefits

Efficient API Development

Run several versions of the same API simultaneously with the Gateway API, allowing you to quickly iterate, test and release new versions. You pay only for calls made to your APIs and data transfer and there are no minimum fees or initial commitments.

Easy Monitoring

Monitor performance metrics and API call information, data latency, and error rates in the Gateway API panel, which allows you to visually monitor calls to your services using Amazon CloudWatch.

Performance at Any Scale

Provide end users with the lowest possible latency for API requests and responses, leveraging our global network of points of presence using Amazon CloudFront. Accelerate traffic and cache API call exists to ensure that backend operations support peak traffic and back-end systems that are not unnecessarily called.

Cost Savings at Scale

The gateway API provides a layered pricing model for API requests. With a price of API requests of up to $ 1.51 per million applications at the highest level, you can lower your costs based on the number of API requests made per region in your AWS accounts.

Flexible Security Controls

Gateway API can help you check incoming requests by running a Lambda authorizer on the Lambda AWS.

Amazon API Gateway  Features

The Gateway API is a managed service provided by AWS that facilitates the creation, implementation, and maintenance of APIs. The Gateway API includes resources to:

  • Transform the body and headers of received API requests to match the back-end systems
  • Transform the body and headers of the output API responses to meet the requirements of API
  • API access control through Amazon Identity and Access Management
  • Activate Amazon integration
  • CloudWatch for API monitoring
  • API responses through cache API Amazon CloudFront for faster response times
  • Implement an API in several stages, allowing easy differentiation between development, test, production, and version
  • Connect custom domains to an API
  • Define models to help standardize your request and response transformations of the API

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