What is Talend?

Define Talend

What Is Talend?

Talend is an open-source data integration platform. It provides various software and services for data integration, data management, business application integration, data quality, cloud storage, and big data. Talend entered the market for the first time in 2005 as the first commercial provider of open source data integration software. In October 2006, Talend launched its first product: Talend Open Studio, currently known as Talend Open Studio for data integration. Since then, it has launched a wide range of products that are used quite favorably in the market. It helps companies make decisions in real-time and get more data. With Talend, data becomes more accessible, quality improves and can be quickly moved to target systems.

Talend Product Suite:

Talend Product Suites consist of 3 major products as discussed below:

Talend Big Data:

Talend can easily automate the integration of big data with graphic tools and assistants. This allows the organization to develop an environment to easily work with Apache Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL databases for cloud or local tasks. Many companies today use Hadoop to save costs and improve performance. Often, companies use expensive computing time with business solutions. With Hadoop, data can be transformed clean, enriched and integrated for a greater analytical workload. Talend Sandbox includes four use cases:

  • Data Warehouse Optimization,
  • Data Warehouse Optimization,
  • Click Flow Analysis,
  • Social Network Opinion Analysis.

Data Integration:

The Talend data integration software tool has an open and scalable architecture. It allows a faster response to commercial requests. The tool offers to develop and implement data integration jobs faster than manual coding and allows you to easily integrate all your data with other data stores or synchronize data between systems.

Integration Cloud:

You can accelerate data integration projects in the cloud and on the premises using the platform as a highly scalable and secure cloud integration service (iPaaS). Talend’s cloud integration tool offers connectivity, built-in data quality and native code generation. Talend is a secure cloud integration platform that allows business and IT users to connect, share and on-premises. Unleash the power of cloud design work because you can manage, monitor and control in the cloud.

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Talend Open Studio- Architecture:


The Client block includes one or more Talend Studio (s) and web browsers that use the same or different machines. Talend Studio allows you to execute data integration processes regardless of the level of data volumes and the complexity of the process.

Talend Server:

The Talend server is another important component that includes a web-based application server and allows the administration and maintenance of all projects. It includes user accounts, access rights and authorization of projects in the Administration database.


The databank component includes an administration, an auditorium and a databank monitoring. This component helps to manage user accounts, access points and authorization of the project. The audience data bank helps to endorse different aspects of two jobs to develop in an ideal support system for the process-oriented decision.


In Talend, a working space is a directory from which it stores all the project carpets. However, for this, you will need at least one working space directory per connection (repository connection). This allows you to connect to multiple office directories if you do not want to use the default directories.


A repository is an area of weapons that TOS uses to collect data to explain negotiation models or to project areas.

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